Karen Awesom

Karen Awesom

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Karen enjoys long walks on the beach, pizza and bottomless cups of tea.  She’s been taking the piercing world by storm since 2001 and strives to offer her clients a safe, clean, and friendly environment. In 2014 she completed her apprenticeship under Mimi, and was able to turn her artistic skill into a career as a tattoo artist. Lover of everything cute and colourful, bold and traditional, all pieces are customized the way you want it, as well as one off designs up for grabs.

Karen has become well known in the area when it comes to piercing children’s ears – the right way. She prides herself in educating families on safe piercing practices and the dangers of piercing guns. She has become a trusted source for children’s ear piercings in the Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding communities.

You can view Karen’s portfolios by clicking the images to the right, see the latest from her Instagram below and learn more about her on her personal website, KarenAwesom.com. To learn more about safe piercing, and on why we are a piercing gun free shop, click here.

To book with Karen, you can email her at KarenAwesom@Gmail.com, or fill out her Consultation Request Form.

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