Kids Ear Piercing

Please call the studio well in advance to check what days we have available for kids ear piercing. 905-634-8989

Attention!!! We only pierce kids ears 4 years old and up only. We only pierce kids 7 years old and younger tandem. (Tandem is when two piercers pierce both ears at the same time.)

Kids Ear Piercing information

  • The number one rule for kids ear piercing is NO TOUCHING!
  • Please never force your child to get their ears pierced. If they are not ready please wait till they are. If your child starts crying or is too nervous we will not do the piercing or jewelry change. We want this to be a positive experience for your child. Just please remember that no child NEEDS their ears pierced and you can wait till they are.
  • We offer kids ear piercing for kids four years old and up. Sorry, but we do not offer ear piercing on kids younger then four years of age.
  • Kids ear piercing is only offered on specific days for kids aged four to six as we require piercing their ears tandem only (both ears done at once by both Rossie and Karen).
  • We recommend that kids do not go swimming in any pools, lakes or oceans for 2 months after having their ear pierced.
  • We recommend not changing your child’s piercings for 6 months. Please also consider if your child is in dance, sports, swimming and needs to frequently change their jewelry for shows.
  • Jewelry is non-refundable or exchangeable!!!
  • We do not replace lost jewelry. Please make sure that you check that the jewelry is in thigh regularly.