Pricing and Ages

Pricing & Ages

ALL PIERCINGS AND JEWELERY SERVICES ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!! Our piercer is very busy everyday. So we suggest that you call to book an appointment for a piercing, check ups, jewelery change or even purchasing jewelry, as each piece must be custom fit to each person. 

All Piercing Base Prices EXCLUDE the cost of jewelry.
Individuals who are 16+ MUST physically provide two pieces of government issued PHOTO ID to get a piercing.
We do not accept student cards as photo identification.

To find out more about the jewelry that we offer, please visit our Quality Jewelry Page.

Ages 10+

Earlobe Single $40, Pair $50, Tandem $60

Ages 13+

Basic Cartilage/Helix  $50.00 Jewelry starts at $25

Ages 14+

Conch, Tragus, Rook, Forward Helix, Daith  $50.00 Jewelry starts at $25

Double Helix $80 Jewelry starts at $25
Including Double Forward Helix, Conch, Flat, Tragus and Helix piercings

Triple Helix $110 Jewelry starts at $25
Including Triple Forward Helix, Conch, Flat or Helix piercings

Nostril $50 Jewelry starts at $25

Septum $50 Jewelry starts at $25

Stretching $20 per gauge, per hole

Ages 16+

Eyebrow $50 Jewelry starts at $35

Lip $50 Jewelry starts at $25
Including Labret, Monroe, Vertical Labret and Philtrum (Medusa) piercings.

Industrial $60 Jewelry starts at $25

Navel $50 Jewelry starts at $25

Ages 18+

Tongue $60 Jewelry starts at $25

Webbing $50 Jewelry starts at $25

Nipple $60 Jewelry starts at $25

Genital $90 Jewelry starts at $25

Dermal $60 Anchor base is $30, tops start at $25

Surface $60 Surface bar with cz gems is $80

Jewelry Changes and (M.R.I.) Changes $5 for 1 to 2 changes $10 for 3- 5 changes and $15 for 6 to 10 changes (this does not include the price of purchasing the jewelry needed to be placed in the piercing) Please note; that we can not use jewelry from outside the studio to do jewelry changes, as per our insurance regulations.

Piercings are performed on minors (under 16 years of age) only if a parent or legal guardian is present with proper identification. Both the minor and their parent or legal guardian must show originals of their ID. The parent/legal guardian must be present. We will not allow consent to be given by letter or over the phone. A legal guardian is defined as a person who has the legal authority (and the corresponding duty) to care for the personal and property interests of another person. We cannot accept consent from other family members or older friends.