All Piercing Base Prices EXCLUDE the cost of jewelry.
To find out more about the jewelry that we offer, please visit our Quality Jewelry Page. 

Ages 16+

Earlobe Single $30, Pair $40

Cartilage $40.00
Including Helix, Conch, Rook, Tragus, Forward Helix, Daith, etc.

Double Helix $70
Including Double Forward Helix, Conch, Flat, Tragus and Helix piercings.

Triple Helix $100
Including Triple Forward Helix, Conch, Float or Helix piercings.

Eyebrow $40

Lip $40
Including Labret, Monroe, Vertical Labret and Philtrum (Medusa) piercings.

Industrial $50

Navel $40

Nostril $40

Septum $40

Webbing $40

Stretching $10 per gauge, per hole.

Ages 18+

Tongue $50

Nipple $50

Genital $100

Dermal $50

Surface $50


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