Karen Awesom

Karen Awesom

**BOOKS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED** My books will be re-opening Nov 1st for January bookings. Until that time, I will not be taking any bookings with the exception to my wanna do’s, or epicly cool things that specifically fit my desired style. Be sure to check Instagram for cancellation openings. 

Tattooer. Glitter Ninja. Lover of everything cute, sparkly, colourful and bold. All tattoos are customized the way you want it, as well as one off designs up for grabs.

Check out Karen’s latest tattoos from her Instagram below and learn more about her on her personal website, KarenAwesom.com.

To book with Karen, you can email her at Booking@KarenAwesom.com, or fill out her Consultation Request Form.

Karen’s rate: $120 minimum, $150 per/hour, $120 deposit to hold appointment time is required.

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